Mad Metaverse

Nanocell Gameplay

The NanoWars
Like any living organism, in an effort to survive and utilise limited resources within the MAD Metaverse, Nanocells are faced with an inevitable conflict. And so, in their attempt to accumulate highly sought in-game resources and/or out evolve other existing Nanocells they will battle it out in a unique environment. As Nanocells are young and new beings, the environment they are set to battle in plays on the smallest of microscopic levels through our in-game arena known as the NanoWars.
The battlegrounds for all Nanocells will commence here. From a top down perspective, players will be able to view multiple cells battling each other. Depending on each user's strategy and Nanocell upgrading, one player will emerge victorious.
With every victorious player, our in-game currency/fuel $BIOMETA will be rewarded.
Just like all our MAD NFTs, Nanocells can be sold and bought in our in-game marketplace ‘The Field’, as well as many others such as Opensea.
Depending on a few Metacell attributes these Nanocells will start off with a base-level of stats to be able to battle against other users (Nanocell holders).
Nanocells are built of the following attributes:
These attributes will get stronger with each battle a Nanocell faces.
Every newly spawned Nanocell will be introduced with 5 points. These 5 points will be randomly generated and assigned towards the Nanocells attributes as per the example below.
Nanocell XYZ →
(1 endurance, 2 speed, 0 energy, 2 attack , and 0 A.I were randomly generated and picked for this cell)
You will be able to increase your Nanocell’s attribute’s levels through battle. Battle hardened Nanocells will grow in strength however their overall success will be determined by the players placement of their accumulated modules as well as how they assign their attribute points.
Further to their attributes, Nanocells also have the ability to morph/merge with modules.
Modules are presented in the form of weapons, tools or devices that will attach to your Nanocell and assist them in battle (for our eager users, jump onto the link below to get an idea of the modules that will be available in gameplay).
These modules can be found through victories or purchased on ‘The Field’.
Nanocells and the Nanowars will be the easiest entry point for users to be able to participate in the Mad Metaverse.
See below the napkin document that sparked inspiration for the NanoWars game development:
For an in-depth understanding on all aspects within the Nanowars, visit: