Mad Metaverse

Mad Metascientist Gameplay

1. Develop your MAD Metascientist -

The combination of science attributes you choose will not only determine the types of skills and knowledge your Metascientist has but also make them more powerful, unique and valuable. On exploration of the MAD Metaverse, MAD Metascientist will be able to learn unimaginable new skill sets which will allow them to utilise more dark, mysterious and unknown sciences that even in today's day and age are frowned upon or seem impossible.
Your MAD Metascientist’s main objective is to source and harness as much of the rich and scarce $BIOMETA fuel that exists throughout the madverse. As this gives them the energy they require to create, destroy and manipulate their very own existence.
Essentially you will have the opportunity to upskill your Metascientist through gameplay within the MAD Metaverse.
Following the minting process, all MAD Metascientists will start from level 1 (apart from the rare and lucky few who will receive upskilled Metascientists on mint).

2. Create & Evolve -

MAD Metascientists, just like any scientist, will experiment, discover and create within their very own lab. They act as the architects of the Mad Metaverse on all levels. Metascientist will create and evolve their own personalised NFTs in the form of a Metacell as well as possess the ability to manipulate and build land.

3. Utilise your Lab -

After The Lab drops you are able to start creating artificial life. Metascientist owners are the only avatars that have this capability. Therefore, creating MAD abominations or an organism of perfection is solely on you.

4. Wander the vastness of the MAD Metaverse -

This isn't any ordinary NFT but a fully realised avatar so saddle up and set out to explore the MAD Metaverse. In doing so you’ll be able to gain experience in the field, harvest MAD Metafuel or even start building on different planets.

5. Own and develop a unique armoury -

You’re gonna need more than your wits to travel this vast universe. MAD Metascientists will also have the ability to gather, create and develop an array of weapons, tools and devices to assist in their efforts to rule the MAD Metaverse.