Mad Metaverse


This is where a lot of the cell/NFT customisation comes into play. There will be three separate sections that a user/player/holder has access to.


The collection tab is where you can view all the Metascientists, Metacells, Nanocells and enhancers you own.
In this collection you will also be able to view the level/stage you're at with each Meta/Nanocell and Metascientist.

‘The Lab’

You wouldn’t be a true scientist, without your very own lab! The Lab tab acts as an interactive dashboard for users. The Lab also has a deep level of utility and interactivity that other platforms don’t. Within this dashboard you can evolve your Metascientists, Metacells & Nanocells, whilst also tracking the level and the progress you are making within each level of evolution.
You may also view other components such as your in-game token balance along with boosters that can increase the rate of cell evolution. After players have securely connected their wallet to The Lab, users who purchased or own a Metascientist will be able to utilise a range of different capabilities.
These include
  • Evolve cell - This allows the user to view and evolve their cell after it has finished an evolutionary stage.
  • Merge cell - This is upon the introduction of third-party NFTs. This will allow the user to merge their Metacell with other NFT projects such as Ape Yacht Club or Hape to excel the evolution process and will open up the introduction of rare enhancers at the time of merging.
  • Boost cell - The cells evolution can be boosted by external project tokens/cryptocurrencies. As an example $ADA for a brief period will boost cell evolution.

‘The Field’

This is our in-game marketplace where players can buy and sell freshly bred or highly developed Nanocells, Metacells and Metascientists. The pricing will be based on the market's perceived value for each MAD NFT. For example, higher level Nanocells, Metacells and Metascientists will most likely fetch for a higher price. Although this all depends on the most desired skills and combinations users are looking for.