The Mad Metaverse starts with a limited mint of its most important characters. 10,200 MAD Metascientists; the brightest and most crazed minds of the Metaverse and our first NFT drop. Based in a post-singularity meta-universe, Metascientists roam the MAD Metaverse in search of $BIOMETA, the most valuable energy source in existence. This fuel is essential for Mad Metascientists to fuel their crazed ambitions and mould the very fabric of reality around their every wish.

Every Metascientist needs a workspace, so all Metascientists also are airdropped a unique identity lab badge. This badge has their credentials and gives them access to their very own lab. The Lab is the in-game dashboard and main activity hub of MAD Metascientists. Here is where your Metascientist will experiment, evolve, create and earn. Scientists earn from the productivity of their lab. Each lab can be engineered over time to enhance performance and capability. But the right tools are pointless without sufficient energy. With enough of the right fuel source almost anything is possible for our leading protagonists. In order to source and harvest $BIOMETA in sufficient quantities, your Metascientist, using his lab of tools can begin to engineer the unthinkable. After players have logged in by securely connecting their wallet to the Lab, they will be given access to various in-game features including the ability to create artificial, self aware life. This introduces our second NFT drop, the MAD Metacells. MAD Metacells are a dangerous species of self aware, bio-digital, super organisms with their own insatiable desire to evolve and grow.

As the MAD Metacells grow and evolve, they too soon realise they can fuel their own evolution and harvest more BIOMETA if they spread out. In an effort to do so, they spawn a species of their own, and our third NFT drop, the MAD Nanocells.

Although Nanocells spawn their own species, they still evolve through gameplay and carry extremely useful traits and abilities that allow players to not only harvest more BIOMETA but also to battle other players and their Nanocells. This is known as the NanoWars.

Built on the Ethereum blockchain, gamers and collectors can be assured they own their in-game assets in the form of NFT’s and whose provenance is provided by the Ethereum blockchain.

The MAD Metaverse will be a brand new play-to-earn NFT game where players can collect, earn, buy and sell a variety of newly-minted and constantly evolving NFT’s that grow increasingly rare through gameplay. One of our main goals within the NFT gaming space is to provide an enriching experience that empowers NFT owners, projects and gamers worldwide. Therefore the more utility we can offer, the better.

In our opinion, the most effective way to deliver on this is by providing an array of diverse revenue streams for every owner and just an all round ‘MAD AF’ gaming experience!

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