Mad Metaverse

What are Mad Metascientists?

MAD Metascientists are essentially the origin of all species made in the MAD ecosystem.
A limited collection of 10,200 unique MAD Metascientists will be dropped and sold off at auction. The first journey for early and eager players will begin here.
By owning 1 of the 10,200 Metascientists you are given access to a unique lab that will be released following this initial NFT drop in Q3.
The Lab is where your MAD Metascientist will create, evolve and develop biodigital super organisms. This allows the user to become a god like architect within the MAD Metaverse. With the help of $BIOMETA, Metascientists are able to shape and evolve the world around them in order to meet their ambitious, scientific endeavours.
Our MAD Metascientists will break the visual barriers of your standard, static NFT, to a fully realised animated avatar that will evolve over time. Not only becoming more unique but also more skilled and more valuable as they progress. How this happens and what your scientist evolves into, and the skills it develops is entirely up to you!