Mad Metaverse


$BIOMETA is a key mechanism in the MAD Metaverse. This ERC-20 token is our in-game currency and can be purchased, discovered or won in the MAD Metaverse and also used for trading on our own personalised platform, the Field.
$BIOMETA is essential to all in-game functions including sustaining, evolving and creating new life. It will also allow players to purchase in-game assets, enhance gameplay as well as assist in boosting MAD Metascientist & Metacell evolution.
The importance of this energy source is highlighted in a MAD Metascientist’s ultimate goal to push the boundaries of knowledge and creation - the only way to do this is to source and harvest more BIOMETA. This hunger naturally passes from its predecessor to the MAD Metacells and in turn to the Nanocells, whose sole purpose is to battle in efforts to find more BIOMETA. This creates a constant necessity for BIOMETA and its harvesting throughout entire gameplay.
Advancements in evolution mean that your Metascientist & Metacell become more efficient within the MAD Metaverse and are able to harvest more $BIOMETA.
$BIOMETA you acquire, the greater the potential to evolve your NFT’s. The more evolved the Metascientist and Metacell are, the greater their perceived market value.