Mad Metaverse


If you’re a holder of an external NFT(s) from one of the collections that MAD Metaverse collaborated with, you can use your token to produce some impressive results while evolving your Metacells*.
Note: we don’t take your “external” token (e.g. Cryptopunk token) in any way. We just make a full snapshot of it with all its metadata.
Then this metadata and token’s image might be used to produce some outcomes in The Lab. Note that this also might result in the appearance of a second token in your wallet. The results of such mutations might be different - it can result in increasing probabilities for splitting Metacells or creating more advanced NanoCells with higher skill levels and might be different for each collection. The results that every collection can produce is defined by “The Admin” and is shared with players.
The idea is for the Mad Metascientist to develop these Metacells until they’re fully realised organisms who can move freely. The aesthetics and attributes are all catalysed through the experiments undertaken by Mad Metascientists.