Mad Metaverse

Mad Nanocells

As Metacells evolve into sentient beings they start to develop their own personality traits, desires and ambitions. Under the guise of being a Metascientists pet they begin to plot and scheme in an effort to accumulate their own resources and create their very own army for personal gain - this they manifest into the form of a spawn of sub-species known as Nanocells.
The Mad Metaverse is a prism of parallel and alternative metaverses within metaverses within metaverses. It is ever changing and the extent of dangers and conflicts are unknown. The risk of venturing into this unknown terrain proves too much for both Metascientists and Metacells, this is what gives inspiration to the Nanocells. Nanocells are Metacell's soldiers, built and armed with special traits, weapons and mapping and tracking capabilities - thus they are sent out to begin their adventure into the unknown.
In an attempt to correct their creator’s mistake, Metacells limit the intellectual features of the Nanocells to ensure they do not develop ambitions of their own and to guarantee their dominance over their creations. Metacells send out Nanocells to explore the vast and unknown territory that is the MAD Metaverse in search of more $BIOMETA.
In their endeavours, they come across other Metascientists, Metacells and Nanocells within the MAD Metaverse and begin to realise that they are not alone. The first player vs. player element of the MAD Metaverse saga begins here…