Mad Metaverse

Play-to-Earn Opportunities & Final Pieces

The MAD Metaverse has a variety of revenue generation for players that aim to keep value inside the ecosystem. Players can earn in a variety of ways, whether they're a MAD Metascientist, Metacell or Nanocell. Here we'll summarise the previously mentioned play to earn opportunities for each player type:
MAD Metascientists P2E opportunities
  • Grow the value of your MAD Metascientist
  • Become a MAD Metascientist by learning new skills
  • Rent out lab features and sell enhancements made by MAD Metascientist
  • Build MAD Metaverse items & create new dimensions
  • Evolve a MAD Metacell and earn $BIOMETA commissions from Metacells
  • Create MAD Nanocells and earn $BIOMETA commissions from Nanocells
  • Battle with MAD Nanocells, earn $BIOMETA
  • Trade and sell your MAD Metascientist, MetaCell or NanoCells
  • MAD Metacell splits and airdrops
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)
MetaCell P2E opportunities
  • Grow the value of your MAD Metacell through evolutions
  • Harvest and store $BIOMETA
  • Terraform new dimensions through harvesting $BIOMETA
  • Create MAD Metacell tooling
  • MAD Metacell splits and airdrops
  • MAD Metacell priority launchpads
  • Create MAD Nanocells and earn $BIOMETA commissions from MAD Nanocells
  • Trade and sell your MAD Metacell or MAD Nanocells
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)
NanoCell P2E opportunities
  • Grow the skills and value of your MAD Nanocell through upgrades
  • MAD Nanocell battles (Nano Wars)
  • Harvest and store $BIOMETA
  • MAD Nanocell Hacks
  • Enhance MAD Metaverse items
  • Enhance MAD Metaverse terraforming
  • Earn MAD Token ($BIOMETA)
A Collaborative Framework
At MAD Metascientists, the idea of collaboration—sharing, celebrating and growing the creativity and passion within our community—rests at the very heart of everything we do. In fact, it’s an absolutely fundamental component to our community building. By designing a flexible framework with versatile interface points for theoretically any and all cryptocurrencies and NFTs in the MAD Metaverse, we see this as the nexus for gamers, artists, collectors, investors, and creators around the world. While we're launching with, and basing the game’s architecture on, Ethereum’s blockchain, we're working fast to incorporate other blockchains like Solana and layer 2 scaling solutions such as Polygon. This will give players and collectors even more freedom to interact with the MAD Metascientist ecosystem in the way that they want.
We are also working to allow players to introduce as many third-party NFTs as possible into our environment, starting with CryptoPunks, Bored Ape Yacht Club, The Doge Pound Puppies, Zedrun, Meebits, and Satoshibles when we launch.
Artists & Creators
  • Reach a passionate and diverse audience of gamers and collectors seeking unique, collectible NFTs.
  • Earn special rewards for contributing artwork prizes distributed to collectors.
  • Vote on ecosystem and Metaverse proposals, and help curate collections distributed in-game.
Artists commissioning work for MAD Metascientists will be a part of the pioneering wave in developing living NFTs — an emerging and highly sought after medium.