Mad Metaverse

Gameplay overview

The skill set of your Metacell consists of the following attributes:
These attributes will affect the utility of each Metacell. Every Metacell will be introduced with a variation of points, similar to your Metascientist’s. These points will be randomly generated and assigned towards the Metacell’s attributes - see an example below:
Physical and Mental attributes will later be discovered and developed upon Metacells and their level of sentience.
Through evolution these attributes continually increase, allowing them to excel in more fields such as:
  • $BIOMETA gathering
  • Movement throughout the Mad Metaverse
  • Stealth among opponents
  • Hacking efficiency
A Metascientist’s insatiable greed for more and more BIOMETA is what drives them to recklessly and aggressively speed up the evolution of their Metacell. In doing so, the Metacell itself becomes more capable, more intuitive and self aware - pushing it to its breaking point and inevitably becoming its own maker.