Mad Metaverse

The Environment & Game Design

Scientists, Metacells and Nanocells all evolve in our game. To continue the theme and innovation of evolving NFTs, the MAD Metaverse environment and gameplay evolves as well!
As the Nanocells move deeper and deeper into the unknown areas of the MAD Metaverse, they come across new resources, lands and assets.
With these new resources, all characters can further enhance themselves and take on new ambitions and challenges.
As the Nanocells map the area, Metacells as a result are able to safely navigate their way into the MAD Metaverse. The further the search for resources, the more advanced the capacity of utilisation.
Users then begin plotting land, harvesting and developing on it. The gaming experience itself evolves; we enhance the player experience as each character joins the fight and the environment itself expands revealing more and more, the deeper and further we go within the MAD Metaverse.
To break this down for you, the MAD Metaverse plays at 5 different levels:
Level 1 - Platform configuration: This level involves the work of the Mad Metascientist within The Lab, our in-game dashboard. Learning, evolving and developing Metacells and their own skill set. This is where users will want to get involved early to not only discover the different mechanics involved in cell evolution but have a hand in developing the Mad Metaverse as a whole.
Level 2 - Nanowars: This environment is played at a molecular level as Nanocells pride themselves on purely battling sufficiencies; their growth is limited. Although bred for warfare, part of their purpose is to adapt their own skills in hopes of bettering other Nanocells at their level. So expect fluid and microscopic battlegrounds.
Level 3 - Metacell deployment: Metacells begin to evolve not only physically, but so do their aspirations and awareness grows. Their ambitions take them out into the MAD Metaverse where they begin mapping and discovering its entirety.
Level 4 - Metaverse: Prepare yourselves for an open world and fully immersive experience. Where both evolved Metacells and Metascientists will discover new planets, players, and organisms. A fully crafted 3D environment that utilises some of the best creation tools available. Not only this but you, the creator, will get to develop your own types of land and properties within the MAD Metaverse, made from a vast array of materials.
Level 5 - Fully Immersive PVP P2E Game Mad Metascientists brace for your turn in battle. This is where Metascientist owners will get their chance to showcase just how ‘MAD’ they are. Metascientist’s go head to head in a fully immersive PVP P2E game. A never before seen player experience where Metascientist will utilise their developed skill sets and acquired items, discovered throughout the MAD Metaverse.
Level 6 - MAD goes Virtual reality VR/AR We will be holding a large sponsored event encouraging some of the best and well known game streamers/influencers out there.
In line with our principles we like to keep things transparent so for a deeper dive into the Gameplay, feel free to check out our Game Design Document (GDD) which is frequently being updated by our partners as we develop the 3D MAD Metaverse!