Mad Metaverse

Mad Metacells

*All MAD Metascientist holders will receive a MAD Metacell drop*
Be prepared to start crafting an organism of infinite potential! A Metacell is the Metascientists' abominations or ‘work of art’. ‘MAD’ness is in the eye of the beholder, therefore the function your Metacell serves will be entirely up to you.
These Metacells were deliberately made by Metascientists to hunt and find effective methods of sourcing and harvesting $BIOMETA.
They required this fuel to feed their endless ambitious activities. Scientists know their intent may be hostile but believe they can develop, nurture and control them. With Metacells desire to evolve this increases their self-awareness and will eventually cause them to become sentient, thus being able to freely roam the Mad Metaverse on their own accord.
Every single rare collectible Metacell evolves uniquely in its own time. Metacells can grow through a plethora of evolutionary stages. Furthermore, your Metacell will adapt and change aesthetically, producing a brand new, never before seen avatar.
To cut through the narratives, Metacell’s are another form of NFT that plays an important role throughout the Mad Metaverse. These Metacells have a self-evolutionary process but can also be further enhanced through other forms of ‘experimentation’ within The Lab.