Mad Metaverse

Metacell Evolution

Evolutionary algorithm -
This is our randomised algorithm that decides the evolution rate of your Metacell. The time at which this occurs is based on a measurement of ‘generations’ which occur with every 100th block produced on the Ethereum blockchain.
Host Protocol -
This process begins when a MAD Metascientist introduces a ‘host’ (3rd party NFT) to their Lab. The MAD Metacell contained within their Lab will then spontaneously interact with the ‘host’, resulting in the generation of a new, completely custom version of their ‘host’ NFT, containing traits of their original Metacell. These newly-minted NFTs may be reintroduced into the Mad MetaScientists ecosystem via the Petri Dish to influence future evolutions, or otherwise sold or traded in the Field.
Boosters -
On any day at any time boosters will present themselves in the form of other ERC-20 tokens. These will act as in-game enhancement viles that will boost features available in ‘The Lab’ such as; forcing metacell splits and evolution speed enhancers.
Mad Metascientist’ skills -
Certain levels and attributes can contribute to the rate of evolution. Depending on how skilled or ‘MAD’ your Metascientist is, the more effective they are at evolving their Metacells.
During the early stages of Metacell ownership these NFTs will be limited to ‘The Lab’ until they become further evolved.
The Process
Go to the lab for the first time and you’ll see your newly created Metacell available for evolution. By dragging and dropping your cell into what we call The Petri Dish you will be able to journey through the evolution process and receive the first outcome of your first evolution. Most likely you’ll see that your Metacell has changed a bit - it now has Stage, and “Time to the next evolution” timer. Here’s how the evolution process works:
  1. 1.
    First evolution is a first step where you get the random properties of a Metacell (level and next time to evolution);
  2. 2.
    There is some different randomized options that are happening during the evolution:
95% probability - you get a regular, or COMMON evolution - when your Metacell’s Stage is increased during the evolution and gets a higher Stage; There is 95% probability to this type of evolution;
5% probability - Split, or SPLITTABLE type - when your Metacell could be split into: A NanoCell; An Enhancer; Some amount of MAD token (internal ERC-20 that you can use to buy a variety of in-game items,mechanisms etc);
3. If you’ve got the COMMON type - there is another layer of probabilities that define to which level your Metacell will be upgraded:
  • 70% - next Stage;
  • 20% - next Stage +1
  • 5% - next Stage +2
  • 3% - next Stage +3
  • 2% - next stage +4
4. If you’ve got SPLITTABLE type - there’s different probability rates for what you’ll get as an outcome of the split:
  • 50% - A NanoCell;
  • 40% - An Enhancer;
  • 10% - Some amount of MAD token;
5. Once this is defined, randomisation mechanism defines the next time to evolution using the following probability rates:
  • 70% - 1,728,000 Polygon blocks
  • 20% - 1,00,000 Polygon blocks
  • 5% - 600,000 Polygon blocks
  • 3% - 200,000 Polygon blocks
  • 2% - 86,400 Polygon blocks
When all functions and parameters are set according to the randomization mechanism listed above - your cell is “evolved”. Be prepared for the next evolution to happen.