Mad Metaverse

Mad Metaverse

The MAD Metaverse is a multifaceted p2e game with a myriad of innovative, incentive based gameplay mechanics promising to enhance gaming experience and usher in the new era of gaming 3.0.
As quoted by Carl Gustav Jung is : “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction both are transformed.” This is how earning and investing can become engaging and exciting as gaming meets finance.
The innovation and ambition of the MAD Metaverse required a complete new build from the ground up. We have completed stage 1 development of our ecosystem’s foundations. This infrastructure includes our very own digital asset marketplace, player and admin back and front end, visual assets, audio assets, airdrop facility, ERC-20 token platform, NFT converting solution and a novel new NFT merge and evolve facility. These components serve as the foundation for a brand new gaming experience the world has never seen. In the MAD metaverse, players control and own their in game tools, avatars and enhancements. Through incentivised gameplay, players can enhance earning power and the value of their assets. Better still, with a complete digital financial ecosystem, players can also manage, trade, custody and showcase any of their cryptos, NFTs and digital assets without ever leaving our ecosystem.
To build the MAD Metaverse we've partnered with a globally diverse range of talent; from world-renowned artists, top tier-developers, game experts and scientists to develop a world first asset backed, income generating gaming experience built on blockchain rails. We've partnered with Kevuru Games, famously known for their work on Fortnite (S10), as well as renowned studios like Disney, Lucas Films, Ubisoft and EA Games and Cyber Unit, elite smart contract and blockchain development and auditing firm famous for their cyber warfare work with the Ukraine govt. This ensures the MAD Metaverse is as robust, secure, user optimised, visually exciting and engaging as possible. MAD Metaverse is crafted to appeal to a broad range of players and collectors whilst of course, keeping players curious and engaged with the ever-evolving MAD Metaverse.
The storyline of the game itself plays on the idea of evolutionary mechanics where over time, the player’s NFTs increase in rarity, diversity, in-game dexterity and value.
Entry into the game will be achievable at 3 levels, as a MAD Metascientist, a Metacell or a Nanocell. Through a myriad of varied player achievements, interactions and gameplay, these users can increase the value of, rarity of and or the revenue generation capacity of their avatars, adding a new economic incentive/reward model to the online gaming industry.
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